Caroline McLaughlin

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Position:  Paranormal Investigator

Birthdate:  August 24th

Education:  Degree in Computer Information Systems

Occupation: Caregiver.  Formerly in law enforcement and a veterinary technician.

Location: Vernon Hills, Illinois

Central New York State (End of June until October)

Marital Status:  Married

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal? My journey into the paranormal began as a child with a near death experience during open heart surgery. I believe this opened the door to the three paranormal experiences I encountered before age 21. It was these events that solidified my faith as a Catholic/Christian and my belief that life after death exists.  I am very interested in malevolent spirits, entities and demonology.

 Other Interests:   Rottweilers, dog training and dog sports. I also enjoy road trips, exploring nature, museums, historical sites, boating, camping, firearms (shooting and collecting), horror movies and slightly obsessed with reading books.