Kerri Kendall


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Position: Investigator / Intuitive

Birthdate: Sept. 25th

Education: Multiple Certifications in Hawaiian Vibrational Healing

Occupation: Master Level Energy Healer/Intuitive ReaderLocation: Riverside, IL

Marital Status: 

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?

I have had numerous unexplainable experiences since I was a child and have always ‘known’ things. A psychic mentor of mine suggested I join a paranormal group and Bob Jensen happened to be a Facebook friend, so I contacted him. I have really enjoyed my experiences with GLS because although I’m an intuitive, I don’t like to jump immediately to a paranormal conclusion. GLS takes the time to rule out any and every logical answer to a situation.

Side Business :  (PLEASE NOTE: is NOT affiliated with GhostLand Society and this service is Kerri’s own)

My name is Kerri and I am an intuitive reader as well as a Certified Master Level Energy Healer. I have been trained in Hawaiian spiritual/vibrational healing and have been initiated to five powerful, ancient Hawaiian vibrational energies, which I use in my healing practice. I am a single mother and work from home so I can be there for my son. Through distance healing and phone readings, I have clients all over the country and abroad. I have done readings for people as far away as England and South Africa.

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