Who has the best gear?

  • Posted by: Bob Jensen

We have been asked numerous what webpage has the “Best” gear?  If you think about it and actually look at what is being sold, it’s all the same stuff , sometimes different prices and it all does the same thing…. cost you money.


BUT if we had to pick one site that we feel comfortable with so far, we would say it would be GOTCHA GHOST ( www.gotchaghost.com ). We do need to state this… GhostLand Society IS NOT being given any form of compensation from this company , just feel they need to be noticed .  For a small business , the amount of support from them is 100 % with any questions about their equipment and seems to be quality merchandise coming from them. We have had no issues with devices from them.

We will say that shipping cost is a bit more than it needs to be but items do get delivered in a timely fashion , packed well and usually with a Thank you card of sorts.

Keep up the great work there at Gotcha Ghosts!


Author: Bob Jensen