Dirty 30, Oh My

  • Posted by: Bob Jensen

Hard to believe but GhostLand Society has hit our 30th Anniversary! Founder Bob Jensen started GLS as a spin-off of a different and no defuncted paranormal group that ran from 1970-1989 by an individual who , from all accounts had no clue of anything in the field.

When Bob was given the reigns, he went full force into the paranormal , taking his skills of debunking and starting a new paranormal group Jan 1st , 1990. Since then GLS has been involved with countless investigations both private residential and businesses.

Since then GLS has been featured on many paranormal programs along with even more behind the scenes as advisors for shows, hosted many bus and boat tours in Illinois. GLS has also involved with many out of state bus tours over the last three decades. Since the beginning of the groups start we have been very fortunate to have had some very strong members with knowledge of the paranormal in the very beginning and out of the original members, Bob is the last one. All previous members has passed away since its beginning.

In 2010 the group hit it’s 20 year anniversary and another group of great members were brought onboard such as Ron Zielke, a recently retired Sgt from a local police department. Ron became our second hand man , taking on a lot of the responsibilities of an office manager along with , field interviewing clients, investigating, and reviewing.  As of 2017 Ron has taken more of a backseat within the group but is always included and gives helpful pointers to the current members.

Some of the members from 2010-2013 are still apart of the group and have advanced into positions once held by Ron and others. As of late 2019 Caitlin Bees has stepped into the roll Ron held and newer members such as Jarame Baldwin and Randi Smith are sharing the “Office” manager spot along with investigating with the group.

With this being said and knowing that the current roster of members , some listed on our pages, others not due to their jobs / careers not allowing it, are all top notch investigators with a lot to offer and will be showing their abilities to newer and younger members that will be brought on over the next few months to years.

GhostLand Society also has a lot going on currently with new projects , possibly even with a production company and cable network . This has taken some time to get to this point since we have never went after a show and or network , yet they presented offers to the group .

We are very excited for this year and of course another very successful 30 more years.

Author: Bob Jensen