What are the steps in the investigation?

GhostLand Society periodically gets asked what we will and will not investigate and what are the steps.  We would love to say we’d investigate anything however, we generally will not investigate the following locations:
– Condo’s
– Apartments
– Town-homes
– Multi family dwellings
– Businesses with apartments above location, bars or late night businesses on flanking sides or on a main through way with heavy traffic and or truck routes

The above mentioned locations are not a controlled environment and any and all evidence obtained could be and would be considered compromised hence leaving no evidence to present to you the client.  Certain exceptions could be made such as vacant tenant spaces on all sides of your dwelling.

Step 1 : The Interview

When you contact GhostLand Society a telephone & personal interview will be scheduled. Alternatively, a questionnaire my be email to you to complete prior to our interview otherwise, it will be presented at that time along with other forms to be completed. During the interview GhostLand Society will gather information from the client regarding personal experiences and information about the history of the location and the claims of activity. The client may also be asked to provide contact information for the other witnesses of activity at said location.  The client will show GhostLand Society the areas of activity within the property.

We will then start our research on the property and conduct background check on client and other witnesses.

Step 2: The Investigation

GhostLand Society does not limit investigations to a Friday or Saturday and  we do try working around clients schedules as much as possible. The investigation generally starts at 8pm or earlier depending on time of year and also claims (If claims are of activity starting at 6pm then we would like to be there, ready to go prior to this) and generally the investigation ends at 3am. During this time GhostLand Society will have multiple audio recorders, camcorders , video recording system and various other detection devices set up, focusing on the areas where activity is claimed to have occurred. If possible GhostLand Society that the client(s) vacate the property once the investigation begins. This helps GhostLand Society ensure the clients safety, the integrity of the investigation and credibility of the evidence.

Step 3: The Review

Unlike the TV shows it takes longer than a few minutes to review all the evidence obtained from the property.  During the reviewing process, GhostLand Society analyzes all of the data (photo’s, video footage and audio). This process usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the location and the length of the investigation. For every hour of actual investigation, it takes approximately 20-25 hours of reviewing and analyzing of the data.  All everything is analyzed, GhostLand Society will contact you and set up a time to reveal the findings.

Step 4: The Reveal

During this final step GhostLand Society will meet the you, the client and explain the results of the data collected. GhostLand Society will discuss in detail what we believe is occurring at the location, and whether the activity is natural or paranormal in origin. A copy of any and all evidence  will also be provided to you at no charge.


-If there is need for further investigations, our phones are always on, so call whenever.

-If you need the home or business cleansed or blessed, we will get you in touch with persons who can provide this service for you. GhostLand Society only investigates the claims and is not into the removal of activity.

If you need an investigation conducted please CLICK HERE!