GhostLand Society – Paranormal Investigation

Founded in 1990, with over 3 decade of experience, Ghostland Society-Paranormal is a highly skilled & professional investigative team focusing on attempting to understand the mysterious world of the paranormal, “Ghost hunting”, demonology, and all around anomalies.

Northern Illinois  is home to GhostLand Society. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to conduct investigations throughout the continental United States, Canada, UK and the Caribbean.

GhostLand Society’s mission is to advance the field of paranormal research while helping our clients, explain unusual occurrences in the homes and businesses and strive to provide thorough and objective assessments of the locations we investigate.  We always attempt to find logical explanations for our clients claims rather than just attributing them to paranormal activity.

We will investigate and provide our clients with the most logical conclusion for your claims.

Our members are all highly committed to the highest level of commitment to the field of Paranormal Investigation and Research.  All volunteer their time, effort and personal expense in investigations, captured data review and research and consist of a wide variety of backgrounds including active and retired Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Doctorate Holders, Security Specialists, Medical Profession & Students, as well as other walks of life.

GhostLand Society Promise:

  • We will provide professional investigations and our services are FREE!
  • We will never push the idea of a haunting nor will we assist in making a location “haunted” as has been requested in the past by a few business clients to promote their business.
  • We will respect your PRIVACY!  We do not and will not disclose any of your personal information or our investigation & findings to anyone without your permission.
  • We will bring professionalism, personality and confidentially to your home or business.
  • We will listen professionally to your experiences & concerns and will then investigate with the most updated equipment and attempt to recreate, debunk or capture data to be reviewed to ascertain if possible evidence exists for or against the possibility of paranormal activity.
  • We will present & share our findings with you to reach a logical conclusion.

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