GhostLand Society Current Members

GhostLand Society takes pride in our investigators and what they bring to the group. Our members have strong backgrounds in investigating, research, electronics, law enforcement, photography, history and many other life experiences which when combined make a very strong  and competent investigation group. Standards are set high and all our investigators have achieved this.


Bob Jensen

Founder/Trainer/Senior Investigator

Birthdate: Jan 24th
Education: Degrees in Photography, History, Anthropology and Archeology
Occupation: College Instructor, Sales
Location: Lake County, IL
Marital Status:Married to my work

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?
"I started in 1989 with a small group and found myself going to another group in a short period of time after that. In 1990 I started GhostLandSociety with little more than a camera, tape recorder and a few leads. Over the years GhostLand Society has grown into one of the longest running, groups and well respected in Illinois. My skepticism keeps my investigators on their toes and forces them to look at all sides of the claims prior to making a final decision and presenting it to the clients."
Other Interests: Too many to list.

Kerri Kendall

Investigator / Intuitive

Birthdate: Sept. 25th
Education: Multiple Certifications in Hawaiian Vibrational Healing
Occupation: Master Level Energy Healer/Intuitive ReaderLocation: Riverside, IL
Marital Status:
How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?

I have had numerous unexplainable experiences since I was a child and have always ‘known’ things. A psychic mentor of mine suggested I join a paranormal group and Bob Jensen happened to be a Facebook friend, so I contacted him. I have really enjoyed my experiences with GLS because although I’m an intuitive, I don’t like to jump immediately to a paranormal conclusion. GLS takes the time to rule out any and every logical answer to a situation.
Side Business : (PLEASE NOTE: is NOT affiliated with GhostLand Society and this service is Kerri’s own)
My name is Kerri and I am an intuitive reader as well as a Certified Master Level Energy Healer. I have been trained in Hawaiian spiritual/vibrational healing and have been initiated to five powerful, ancient Hawaiian vibrational energies, which I use in my healing practice. I am a single mother and work from home so I can be there for my son. Through distance healing and phone readings, I have clients all over the country and abroad. I have done readings for people as far away as England and South Africa.

Erin Colleen Mathews

Investigator, in Training

Birthdate: March 25
Education: Personal Studies
Location: Belvidere, IL
How Did you become interested in the Paranormal:
Personal experiences since I was young, mostly strange noises, knocking, feeling a presence.


Katie Morgan

Investigator, in Training

Birthdate: April 7
Education: Associates in criminal justice/bachelors of science in psychology
Occupation: home organizer and nanny
Location: Mundelein, IL
How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?

I have been interested in the paranormal since my first unexplainable experience at a very young age. I grew up watching shows on the paranormal and my interest in the paranormal only grew with age as more experiences occurred. I am incredibly interested in expanding my knowledge on the paranormal, especially after completing my degrees in science-based fields.

Laura Wasserbach

Investigator (New York)

Birthdate: June 10th 1988
Education: Berkeley College
Location: Albany, NY
Marital Status:

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?
I became interested in the paranormal after an experience in my childhood that left me with questions I couldn’t answer. 10 years ago, I started officially investigating and have found a love in researching whether something is in fact paranormal, or if there is another explanation I can find. I rely heavily on research and logic and find that to help give me an edge to getting to the bottom of paranormal claims and validity of investigations. I intend to expand further to try and find out.
Other Interests:

Adriana Brinceanu


Birthdate:Feb 7
Occupation: Realtor
Location: Mundelein, IL
Marital Status:

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?

Jarame Baldwin

Birthdate: Aug 17
Education: Lake Forest
Occupation: Sales
Location: Kenosha, WI
Marital Status:Married

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?
I've been interested since I was little and had multiple experiences. I've had a very busy occupation history. I'm a retired firefighter/emt I have a big background in construction and have been been working in sales for 20 years. In my free time I go on some public investigations with a team out of Milwaukee. They have taught me alot.

Randi Smith

Investigator In Training

Birthdate: Jan 5
Education: Zion Benton Township High School
Occupation: CNC Operator
Location: Waukegan, IL

Marital Status: Single
How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?
Personal Experience and after two near death experiences.

Tierney Darden

Investigator In Training

Birthdate:March 13th
Location: Vernon Hills, IL

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal? My fascination began after multiple encounters with the paranormal; starting at a very young age. It continued to grow with the idea of being able to help not only the living but the ones who have past on too. I’ve also become interested in the science behind an investigation, and can’t wait to see what I can learn from the team!

Tracey Hansen


Birthdate:August 14th
Occupation:Sales (currently). Previous occupations: Worked in the Mental Health field, in Crisis Intervention and counseling. Marketing/Advertising Consultant
Location:Hanover, Pennsylvania

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?</strongI have had ongoing experiences with the paranormal, since early childhood (I recall as early as age 4). My mother had a difficult birth with me, and I have had 2 near death experiences. There is a hypothesis, that this opens someone to be more "sensitive" to paranormal phenomena. My experiences intensified as I got older. Things continue to happen, that I cannot explain. Recently, I lived in a home with horrific events, such as loud knocking on my walls, recorded unexplainable voices (EVP), saying negative and hateful comments, touched in areas of my body, that I don't care to discuss. My cats were also affected negatively.
I experienced tense and unexplained illnesses by something unseen in my last home. This is my driving force, that peeked my curiosity to find out the "how" and "why" these events occur! Needless to say, I threw some clothes in trash bags, packed up my cats and left my home and everything in it behind! It's been a tough journey ever since. Much strength was gained, and ALL fear within me, was lost over the course of this past year.
I have a background in investigating the paranormal, capturing videos, photographs, and voices in videos and on other recording devices in every home I have ever lived in, as well as in "well known or suspected" haunted locations. With that said, I always take approaches to debunk what I experience and capture. There are several things that I can't debunk and that's where my curiosity and drive comes in! I am hopeful to gain evidence as to why this phenomenon takes place! Why are people more sensitive to these experiences (with mental health diagnoses ruled out), and others have never experienced anything in their life at all? There is a strong will within me, to gain evidential explanation of paranormal activity and why it occurs, to help folks have a better understanding as well.
Concrete evidence and knowledge helps to dissolve fear of the unknown