Rough Times For All

  • Posted by: Bob Jensen

As everyone knows the pandemic has put a huge damper on many events, investigations, meetings etc. . . for many groups and we are no different.  We have been chipping away at small investigations here and there with extremely limited members being involved by the request of clients.  We here at GhostLand Society understand the concerns of clients in these dark days and as the founder I understand members currently becoming disenchanted with the paranormal because of this. Emails , phone calls and in person visits are being conducted to attempt to line up sites to get everyone involved with something until we get back to the “Old Normal” we all love and miss.

We have been fortunate that some of our networking and good standing in the field has open the doors for a few locations , working with some other local and out of state groups.  We are very much looking forward to getting back out there.  ~ Bob ( Founder / Senior Investigator )

Author: Bob Jensen