Position: Founder, Case Manager, Lead Investigator, Certified Thermographer, photograper, evidence reviewer

Birthdate: Jan 24th

Education: Degrees in Photography , Archeology , Anthropology and History

Occupation: College Instructor (Harper College Palatine, IL) , Sales

Location: Lake County, IL

Marital Status: Single

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?

“I started in 1989 with a small group and found myself going to another group in a short period of time after that. In 1990 I started GhostLandSociety with little more than a camera, tape recorder and a few leads. Over the years GhostLand Society has grown into one of the longest running, groups and well respected in Illinois. My skepticism keeps my investigators on their toes and forces them to look at all sides of the claims prior to making a final decision and presenting it to the clients.”

Other Interests: Too many to list

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