2023 What the Heck?

  • Posted by: Bob Jensen

Things have been very strange for the beginning of 2023 , 17 days in and it feels like a life time already.

Just got back from Key West, Florida and did very little investigating but did visit Robert the Doll . He seems to be doing well and the exhibit designed for him does some justice for him.  Would like to see it a bit more in-depth but where he is at is an old civil war fort and there is only so much they can do.

Flip side of this is that scheduled investigations are happening right now and we are grateful for them, let’s hope these potential clients are serious having us come in.

And finally once again a couple of producers have contacted us (again) about locations and projects. It is always interesting when we get contacted just to see what is being brought to the table and if it interests the members of the group to go forward with talks.

Author: Bob Jensen