Possible sighting at Resurrection Cemetery (Not who you’d think either)

  • Posted by: Bob Jensen

On July 29th 2014 GhostLand Society was contacted by a couple from South Carolina that were visiting family members graves located at the Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Illinois.

They claim they were looking for a particular grave when this man came over to them and said “The grave you are looking for is over here” and proceeded to show them. A small conversation was struck up and they said this man knew a lot of history on the site and a story of someone named Mary.

The couple said they listened for a bit, thanked the man and ended his conversation with the couple by saying “I must go and find Emily”.

When the couple turned around looking to see where this man went, he was nowhere to be found. They said he was a big man and there is no way he could have moved that fast and didn’t see any car in the immediate area.

I asked them to describe the gentleman they encountered and it fit a particular individual perfectly. I also asked if they hear an audio clip if they could identify the voice, I played a clip and they confirmed the voice. Today I contacted the peoples again via email, asked them to ID a picture of him out of six images I had to find online that all looked the same (NOT AN EASY TASK). They called me back and gave me confirmation as to who the person was.

I proceeded to explain they had the only encounter I have heard of with Chicago’s very own Richard T. Crowe. The claimed they have no clue who Richard and were a bit taken back by the whole experience. Some may say, the story is made up or they are looking for recognition and I would agree except for one thing, Emily. For people who knew him well know of or have met Emily so with that one little comment I do believe that they truly did have a close encounter with the late Richard T. Crowe.

Author: Bob Jensen

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