EVP Collecting

  • Posted by: Bob Jensen

Recording an EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomena, is done using an analogue or a digital voice recorder. To ensure you will have sufficient time for your EVP session(s) it is always best to have fresh batteries installed and extra batteries in case of a battery drain.

For a digital recorder, verify the date and time settings and correct them as needed. For an analogue recorder, open a new cassette package and insert it into the recorder. To eliminate cross-contamination of EVP sessions, only use one side of the cassette tape.

Recording EVP

The recorder should be placed on a flat surface away from as many obstructions as possible. Place the recorder away from doors, windows, vents, or any opening that could allow outside sounds to enter. Make sure the area is quiet by turning off things like radios and TVs.

When you have a location that may be active, you have the choice of leaving your recorder on but unattended or trying to interact with the spirit. Always start the recording by noting the date and time verbally.

If you decide to leave the recorder running alone, leave the room and mark the entrance with tape. Instruct the team members not to enter room, but if they must, to announce their entrance and departure with the time and to make sure they replace the tape when they leave.

To interact with a spirit during a recording session instruct everyone present to remain as still as possible. Ask questions with at least a 10 second pause in between. Continue on to more specific questions if desired. If anybody makes a noise during the recording, ask them to comment in a normal voice with their name and that it was them that made the noise.

You may wish to make a general tour of a location and just randomly sweep for EVP activity. Walk and tour the location while holding the recorder away from your body to reduce movement noise. It is always a good idea to indicate the room you are entering as you are moving through it. Ask questions if desired. If any unexplained noises happen during the recording, verbally note and describe them with the time.

When you are finished recording, state note the date and time and stop the recording.

Keeping Track of Your EVPs

If you are using an analogue recorder remove the recording media, mark it with the date and time and remove the erase-protection tabs. If using a device with internal memory, “Memory protect” the file in the recorder. Note the type of recorder used and the date and the time on a worksheet. If the media is downloaded to a PC, note the file names on a worksheet. Keep your media in a safe place for future reference.

Author: Bob Jensen