GhostArk Device

  • Posted by: Bob Jensen

As of todays date , GhostArk has given limited information regarding the device, not maintained their webpage and when emails are sent, very vague with its content. However, last night we received an email stating that the units are ready to ship early next week, gave a tracking number but this was it. We have numerous emails stating what was going to happen prior to shipping , such as verifying mailing address and other things and once again someone over there dropped the ball. They provided a tech support email for questions so lets see if this works

We here will uphold our verbal agreement we made with them pertaining a fair review of the unit. Our personal opinions and happenings will be omitted from this review and will not be discussed in a public or private forum . All we will say is that it’s a shame that a verbal agreement means nothing anymore in todays society.

Author: Bob Jensen

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