GhostFarce by GhostArk

  • Posted by: Bob Jensen

Well we here FINALLY able to get the Charge Card Company to agree with us and credit the account. An order placed 18AUG15 with nothing more than emails with little to no information, private Facebook messages of the same, continuous run arounds, misleading dates and a tracking number that couldn’t help a person find their way out of a paper sack with both ends open.

GhostArk aka GhostFarce dubbed by many looks like it’s nothing more than a pandora box of problems. The few people that have received this long awaited device are plagued with buttons not working, memory cards not reading properly, devices overheating / melting cables, antenna falling off, and one alleged case of a fire started by the handheld unit. The batteries have allegedly come from the same manufacturer of the batteries from the hoverboard knock-offs which have gone up in flames. Not too mention that production is now on hold since Chinese New Year has taken over their country and only 200 devices have been made and are being “delivered”.

All of us here at GhostLand Society as many other groups and individuals were truly looking forward to this swiss army device of the paranormal tools but once again an EPIC FAIL.

We are just hoping that GhostArk does a major recall and makes right with everyone who has ordered before someone gets severely hurt. Or even better someone take this faulty device, improve on it, find a reputable manufacturer to building it, has a strong quality control and finally market it. For what GhostArk was charging I think it is safe to say that most of us wouldn’t mind paying a bit more to someone else that had a properly working device.

Author: Bob Jensen

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