Ghoststop and reviews

  • Posted by: Bob Jensen

Over the years we have bought pieces of equipment from Ghoststop and have generally been happy with the results of the devices and always gave honest reviews that were posted. However, in recent times two reviews were given for their “Rook” and their PnS full color spectrum camera which were not 5 stars. Not only were they not published but all other reviews from GhostLand Society and Bob Jensen were removed from their site.

Such a shame that they are monitoring and only allowing 5 star reviews and not allowing peoples posts that my be less than flattering to a paranormal tool. So Ghostspot like so many others are only concerned about the all mighty dollar and their quality control is falling through the cracks just like so many others.

By monitoring what the consumers buy from them and not allowing the buyer to educate themselves even if through a review is a pathetic gesture on that companies part.

Author: Bob Jensen