Over the last few years a number of person have inquired about joining GhostLand Society. At that time we did not have any positions available and we asked you to become a member through Face Book regarding any openings we may have. Well, the time has come. We are looking to add two to three new investigators to our family.

This will be a very unique opportunity! You may get the opportunity to investigate with and also learn from a well established  paranormal group!

Adding new members to our very tight-knit group is no small task, so if you are interested in joining, this will be a process that will require some effort on your part.


As a side note, we do not require that you have any experience or specific knowledge; however, below is a short list of things that MIGHT help your chances.

– Knowledge base about the equipment used in paranormal investigations

– Knowledge base about computers, specifically video & audio programs

– Knowledge in any scientific field

– Ownership of equipment that is used within the field

– Enthusiasm, dedication and availability



Please CLICK HERE! for our application .

GhostLand Society over the years has had the opportunity to work with some major and not so major media outlets such as SyFy, The Travel Channel, History Channel, Discovery Channel, WGN in Chicago, FOX TV and we are back in negotiations  with another major network on a project. This is why we are needing to be very selective and bring on the right individual(s) at this time.


 Case Manager

Job Description: A case manager is the initial contact person and touch point between the team and the client. The case manager is responsible for collecting initial details surrounding the case and scheduling the investigation. Case managers will also check in with the client after the investigation and report back to the Lead Investigator.

Skills Necessary:
Attention to detail
Task oriented
Organizational skills (must be able to keep neat records and notes
Customer service experience preferred
Proficient interviewing skills

Job Description: You have to love history and digging through information, potential researchers will be responsible for supplying the team with a background on the home, property and past owners. You may also be called to research certain phenomena, medications, etc. from time to time.

Skills Necessary:
Attention to detail
Computer saavy
Knowledgeable in history or geneology is a plus but not required
Willing to travel (sometimes you have to go to the town hall or library to get the info you need)
Must have good organizational skills

Job Description: The tech is responsible for the handling of all equipment, this include leading the setup, breakdown and keeping track of the equipment during the investigation. Must also be willing to research the latest technology being used in the field.

Skills Necessary:
Must have organizational skills
Experiences in video/audio/photography preferred
Ability to multi-task and answer questions
Must be resourceful


Bob Jensen


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