Ohio State Reformatory.. What the Hell?

  • Posted by: Bob Jensen

To all our paranormal friends who aren’t afraid to voice their opinion, we are requesting a couple of minutes of your time by writing an email to Ohio State Reformatory about recent changes.
So there’s been some changes with the amount of time that you can have private hunts at the prison. You used to be allowed until roughly 5am or so but now cut off is 1am AND they have the balls to still ask 1,200.00 for weekday and 2,400.00 for a weekend night. Wouldn’t surprise me if the higher ups have told their volunteers to not discuss this or voice their opinions cause let’s face it this is what generally happens.
I’ve personally been to the prison 14 times and GhostLand Society has gone 7 times to the prison, have always enjoyed ourselves, acquired some compelling data and a good amount of personal experiences and not to mention became friends with some of the volunteer members. The price was within reason , fair but now a decrease of 4 hours, truly not worth it.
They are running minimal electricity, food wise is some pizza and soft drinks / water so why not decrease the monetary amount according….it’s hardly any overhead for them.
We’ve sent numerous emails and placed calls which have fallen on deaf ears asking questions to be addressed.And the only response we got was a very generic one stating that the Board of Trustees made this decision.
We are asking everyone to please send emails to molly@mrps.org , express your concern, gripe, disgust, etc. . about the changes and let’s see if they’ll change either back to what it was or decrease the amount.
Keep professional yet get your point across, sternly.

Author: Bob Jensen

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