Thoughts on TV shows

  • Posted by: Bob Jensen

We have been asked a lot over the decades our take on shows, why we don’t have a show, have we worked on shows, etc. . .

So we will break it down a bit for those inquiring minds.

Have we worked on shows before?

The answer is YES.  Behind the camera in the sense of advisors on programs, trained / assisted tv personalities with the proper means of using gear, seeting up DVR/NVR equipment,  conducting EVP sessions, basic knowledge of the paranormal field, reviewing of data recovered in the field.

A few of us have been on different episodes of paranormal shows that showcase paranormal claims, activity, along with interviewing us while the re-create the claims with actors.  The experience is fun and the travel is great but usually the final product isn’t so good.

Why Doesn’t GhostLand Society have a show?

This is a loaded question and we will try not rocking the boat with the response.  In a nutshell we will not compromise our integrity for the almighty dollar.  NOW, we are not saying all the shows out there doing that but a good number of them are.

Shows may start off with good intention but backslide due to personalities, producers and of course networks which this leads into the big question as to our take on shows currently on the air.

The flip side to this also is, many of our members have families , kids and full time work. Most people don’t think too what it takes to do a show. First and foremost your life is uprooted for a while. leave of absence , if you’re lucky from work, being away from family and friends for a while, depending on where filming is, excessive traveling, hotel/motel living, lost luggage, lost equipment, eating out and lets not forget timezone change with jet lag.  Then the  18-20 work hour days for 3-4 days straight with minimal sleep time, not truly being able to truly enjoy the site/area/ country you may be in because of scheduling conflicts. EVEN when everything is said and done, there is not always a guarantee that the work put into these days and weeks is going to air or pay off in the end. We were told once in the past and it is very true “Nothing is ever a guarantee”

This isn’t for all but is for some and as mentioned many don’t always think about this.

What is our take on the paranormal shows?

I will not speak for all the members but most of us are on the same page when it comes to this topic,  if you find them entertaining , then watch for the amusement. If you find them over the top, don/t watch them. If you are interested in the location , watch if the site AND DO RESEARCH ON SAID LOCATION. You’ll see that stories are embellished , or the actual history and / or  paranormal claims are not always what they seem to be . And finally what I did while testing paranormal courses at a college, told the students to watch the shows to learn “What NOT to do” while conducting an investigation.

When we have been contacted in the past and even at the time of this being written , talks are happening currently…. we explain all of our thoughts and concerns to producers , head hunters, network and some then lose interest immediately , some humor us and others like the honesty. NOW with this being said, this current and / or any future opportunities we will always consider and if things move in a positive way then you just may see us again on TV but in front of camera situation.

Are we willing to put in the long hours and work hard for this if it happens, yes but this is a group effort and no one is above the other within GhostLand Society.

Author: Bob Jensen