Why do Paranormal Investigators investigate at night?

  • Posted by: Bob Jensen

Why do Paranormal Investigators investigate at night?

Since this question comes up A LOT, I just wanted to quickly explain why…

 Work, Work, Work,

The easiest answer is this. For most of us paranormal investigators, we have full-time jobs that take up our time during the day. This leaves only the evening hours for us to practice our trade. Many of us wake up the next day pretty knackered from a long night of investigating. Some of us actually will brave a new workday that very same morning. Needless to say, you have to want to do this sort of thing. In order to live your passion, sometimes you have to sacrifice things like sleep.

The Glow in the Night

As it turns out, investigating at night can actually aid us in our quest for the specters. While investigating, we sometimes find that it is easier to see that ball of the light manifest

(energy orbs) or that glowing presence of a humanoid figure. And for some strange reason, it makes it easier see shadow people (at least for me).  There are a lot of theories on why this happens, but most investigators will agree that spirits cans sometimes create light, and that is just easier to see when its dark.


All is Quiet….

Another advantage to investigating at night is that it is a lot quieter for us to hear those

strange noises.  It is also not surprising, that a lot of residential cases we have, the client is also hearing these noises. That is due to the fact they are also home more often in the evening to witness these events. This doesn’t mean that paranormal activity can’t happen during the day. You certainly could have a ghost hanging around, opening and closing doors when you are at work.


The Witching Hour


Not to mention, that some early paganistic religions also note that the”Thinning of the Veil” occurs during the so-called “Witching Hour”. The “Veil” was a term that was used to describe the time when the world of the living and the dead was at it’s thinnest. A time when you could best interact and speak with the dead. This was a time that occurred in the early morning hours, usually, around 3 am. Modern-day investigators will also remark about paranormal activity sometimes occurring more readily around this time of day.



In closing, I hope this shed some light (no pun intended) on why “We do it in the Dark”.

Author: Bob Jensen